Oslo Imaging and Therapy Laboratory (OITL)

Oslo Imaging and Therapy Laboratory (OITL)

OITL is a multidisciplinary platform for molecular targeted imaging and therapy research. This laboratory involves collaborations between academia and industry. OITL is a research and development unit of Norsk medisinsk syklotronsenter AS (NMS) for the production and evaluation of radionuclides for diagnostics and therapeutic research. The investment in this lab is made as part of a broader collaboration between NMS, Bayer AS and the University of Oslo.

Disease-specific imaging tracers enable early diagnosis, stratification and therapy monitoring. In the field of preclinical imaging & therapy, the 3D distribution of radioactivity deliversthe fundament for readouts that assist to the development of novel therapeutic approaches and drugs. The design, synthesis and optimization of radiolabeled tracers and the development of the synthetic processes are critical steps in the establishment of target-specific diagnostic imagingstrategies covered in our research and academic deliverables.

In vivo imaging with radiolabelled tracers can be used to determine changes inthe presentation and function of receptors, transporters as a function of pathological state, or by detecting the presence of unique markers of disease.

We aim to address an array of conditions including neurological disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and many different types of cancer.


The main deliverables are:

  • Provide State of the art preclinical in vivo imaging studies to quantify biochemical processes. 
  • Assess the effect of experimental therapeutics. 
  • Develop and evaluate novel compounds for imaging and therapy.
  • Methodological setup (e.g. design of study protocol and standard operation procedures, animal research ethical application, data processing and analysis)