Infrastructure of OITL

Infrastructure of OITL

In vivo imaging:

Molecular imagin studies are noninvasive and its most powerful when imagin modalities are combiened. At OITL, we provide

  • Methods for preclinical characterization of compounds and their targets, and test if the compounds are suitable for basic translational research
  • Service for preclinical molecular imaging, and help to develop spesific analytical tools and processing of image data
  • Access to infrastructure for management of both primaray and metadata.
  • Tranlation of new tracers from preclinical evaluation of studies proof of machanism in humans.


The facility is equipped with the necassary instruments for development, synthesis and characterization of both established and novel radiotracers.

Available Instruments:

  • GE TracerLab MX and a Synthra RNplus radiosynthesis module
  • Radio/UV-HPLC and radio-TLC
  • Automatic gamma counter for biodistribution
  • Bioimaging analyser BAS5000